Board Guidelines


I. General Information

The Board of Selectmen consists of five equal members who shall operate by majority vote to serve as the governing body of the Town, manage the prudential affairs of the Town, and to perform the duties prescribed by law in accordance with the Right-to-Know Law (RSA 91-A).

Individual Selectmen have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the Town or to take any action as a Town Official except upon majority vote of the Board or as otherwise allowed by law. This does not prohibit Selectmen from acting as an ordinary citizen of the Town by expressing personal viewpoints and opinions on municipal matters to the extent that such information is based on encounters and observations derived outside of the privileged purview of a Selectman.

The Board of Selectmen derives its authority from NH State Law as specifically set forth in the Revised Statutes Annotated and as further established under common law (court decisions). A general rule of thumb is the Board of Selectmen does not have the final authority to act on any particular issue unless there is a specific law granting such authority or when Town Meeting has lawfully delegated such authority to the Selectmen.

II. Duties of the Selectmen

This is meant to be a general overview of the Board of Selectmen's duties. Major duties from statute:

  1. Act as Agents to Expend Capital Reserve Funds (RSA 35:15).
  2. Adopt Personnel Policies (RSA 105:2-a).
  3. Adopt Welfare (Public Assistance) Guidelines (RSA 165:1).
  4. Adopt Police Policies (RSA 105:2-a)
  5. Appoint an Emergency Management Director (RSA 21-P:39).
  6. Make Appointments to Town boards and committees and fill all vacancies that should occur unless otherwise outlined by statute or vote of the Town (RAS 669: 1-75).
  7. Appraise Taxable Property, Issue Abatements, & Approve Exemptions (RSA 72, 74-76).
  8. Approve Appointments of Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Tax Collector, and Deputy Treasurer (RSA 41:29-a, 45-c).
  9. Approve Budget Line Item Transfers (RSA 31:20).
  10. Approve the Acquisition of Real Property Interests in the Name of the Town by the Conservation Commission (RSA 36-A:4).
  11. Approve Town Expenditures (RSA 41-9).
  12. Assessment of Current Use Change Taxes (RSA 79-A).
  13. Assessment of Timber Taxes (RSA 79).
  14. Assessment & Payment of Educational Taxes (RSA 194:7 & 198).
  15. Encumber Unexpended Funds (RSA 32:7).
  16. Establish & Maintain Internal Control Procedures (RSA 41:9).
  17. Establish Boards and Committees (RSA 41:8).
  18. Layout Town Highways, name streets (RSA 231).
  19. Negotiate Inter-Municipal Agreements (RSA 53-A: 1 & 162-G).
  20. Nominate the Appointment of a Health Officer (RSA 128: 1) & Approve the Appointment of a Deputy Health Officer (RSA 128:5-b).
  21. Order the Cutting or Removal of Trees within a Designated Scenic Highway which present a public nuisance pursuant to RSA 231:145 and 231:l46, when such trees or portions of such trees pose an imminent threat to safety or property (RSA 231-158).
  22. Perambulation of Town Boundaries (RSA 51:2).
  23. Prepare Budget Recommendations (RSA 32).
  24. Prepare the Annual Town Report (RSA 41:13-14).
  25. Prepare Town Meeting Warrants (RSA 39:2).
  26. Propose Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance (RSA 675:3).
  27. Regulate Junkyards (RSA 236:115).
  28. Regulate Town Highways, Sidewalks & Commons (RSA 41:11).
  29. Submit Reports to the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration.