Frequently Asked Questions - Driveways

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. They are broken up into two sections; Roads and Driveways. If you would like more information, please contact the Highway Department at (603) 269-2091 or by email.

1. When do I need a driveway permit?

When a driveway is being constructed, modified, resurfaced or moved. Resurfacing includes a new layer of asphalt, gravel or any other wearing material, except seal coating.

2. How much does a Driveway Permit Cost?

The fee is $25. New construction and culvert replacements are waived. Applications can be obtained at Town Hall or on the Town of Barnstead Website, Highway Department Page.

3. How long is the permit good for?

All work must be completed and the final inspection signed off by the Road Agent within one year from the date of issue.

4. What are the specifications for a driveway?

They can be found in the Driveway Regulations and Application on the Planning Board Web Page.

5. What is the difference between a road culvert and a driveway culvert?

  • Road Culverts go under town roads
  • Driveway culverts allow property owners to access the road from their property.

6. Why do I need a culvert? I can access my property without one.

Driveway culverts are just a small component of the road storm water drainage system. When not properly maintained they cause water to pool and back up on the road creating ice in the winter and washouts in the spring, summer and fall seasons. When this happens it not only poses a safety threat to travelers on the road system, but also deteriorates the road.

7. Who is responsible for the maintenance on my driveway culvert?

The property owner is responsible for maintaining any driveway culvert on their property per RSA236:13, VI. This includes keeping them cleaned out, maintaining headwalls and replacing them when needed.

8. My property didn’t require a culvert when it was built, does the Town have authority to tell me to put in a culvert?

Yes, per RSA 236:13 VI. The Town or Planning Board has the authority to tell any property owner at any time they need to install a driveway culvert.

9. Who does the culvert installation?

It is up to the property owner to either contract someone or do the work himself/herself.

10. What happens if I don’t comply?

  • If the work is not completed, the property owner is liable for any damage to the road caused by non-compliance.
  • The work to repair the damage would be completed by the Town in which the Property Owner would be billed.