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How To Join

If you are interested in an opportunity to serve our community by being a member of Barnstead Fire-Rescue, please call 269-4121 or 435-6691 and ask to speak with Chief Shawn Mulcahy.

FT = Full-time Staff
PD = Per Diem Staff
C = Call Staff member
IA = Issuing Agent/burn permits
FFI = Fire Fighter Level I
FFII = Fire Fighter Level II
FFlll = Fire Fighter Level lll
FFC = Fire Fighter Career Level

Rank Personnel Position
C Bartels, Will FFC/EMT-Paramedic
  Boyd, Rodney FFI, Dep. Forest Fire Warden
C Chesley, Jacob FF I
FT Conger, Lt. Dan EMT-Paramedic/FFII/IA
FT Cottrell, Capt. Brian EMTI/FFII/IA
FT Doucette, Capt. Gary EMT/FFII/IA
C Drew, Beth AEMT
C Drew, Cameron FFII
C Drew, Caylin EMT
C Drew, John AEMT/FFII/Dep. Forest Fire Warden
C Dyrkacz, Joseph FFIII
C Hart, Jennifer EMT/FFI
C Holmes, Kyle FFII
C Hough, Joe Firefighter/BFA Vice-President
FT Jackson, Zachary AEMT/FFII
C Krause, II, George R. FFC/Forest Fire Warden
C Leavitt, Jason FFI/BFA Secretary
PD McElroy, Capt. David AEMT/FFII
C/PD Mulcahy, Miranda FFIII/EMT-Paramedic
C Mulcahy, Shawn Fire Chief FFI/Fire Chief, Forest Fire Warden
C/PD Mulcahy, Stacy FFC/EMT
C Mullen, Gary FFI
Murley, Dave  
Murley, Eileen Barnstead Fire Assoc. - Treasurer
C O'Donnell FFI
PD Robbins, Tim FFC/EMT-Paramedic/IA
C Rott, Nick FFI/Dep. Forest Fire Warden
C/PD Savage, Amanda FFI/EMT
C Savage, John FFI/EMT/BFA President
PD Tasker, Kayla FFI/EMT-Paramedic
C Tasker, Rocky FFC/Dep. Forest Fire Warden
C/PD Tedcastle, Brian EMT/FFII/IA
C/PD Troy, Carol AEMT/FFI/IA
C/PD White, Kenneth FFII/AEMT


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